eufy Security - Review

eufy Security - Review

So a kitchen remodel lead to the need for a new security system. Long story short, my old ADT panel was in a kitchen cupboard.

Originally I thought I would just add a Konnected board to the existing system so that I could leverage the existing investment. Turns out the ADT board wasn't compatible so I wired the sensors directly to the Konnected board. As Konnected relies upon additional services to work (ie Home Assistant) it wasn't user (family) friendly.

Tested Konnected Board

Next, I tested a Tuya-based system. Let's just say while it was functional it did have some issues that again put it into the not-so user-friendly category. There were a lot of included sensors, some customisation as well as the fact that it stayed within my Tuya ecosystem. In the end, it was just ugly and I couldn't check the state of each sensor etc. So the search continued.

Tested Tuya System

Finally, I stumbled upon the eufy DIY Wireless Home Security Solution. I'd seen the eufy security cameras before but as I have an existing Swann system these were of no interest. However, a JB Hi-Fi sale catalog caught my eye, offering the system for $279.00 (normally $349) with additional sensors for $39

The kit includes a HomeBase, keypad, motion sensor, and 2 × door/window sensors. Out of the box, the product is solid. The quality far exceeded my expectations and the feature set is rich and well implemented.

While there is no display the keypad is user-friendly and functional. The good news is you can add additional keypads so you could place one in your front entry and one in an additional entry location such as a garage.

Setup is a breeze via the eufy Security app. The only process that was a bit odd was the need to connect the HomeBase via an ethernet cable before you could connect it to Wifi.

Pairing the keypad and sensors is a breeze. You can name all your sensors as you add them. You can set up multiple users and give them their own codes. This is handy as you can get notifications when the system is armed and disarmed, unique codes personalise these notifications so you know who has changed the alarm states. You can also invite users to the app so they can also arm and disarm remotely.

The system allows you to set home and away programs as well as one custom configuration. Each program can be edited so you can choose which sensors to include and how they function. For example, you could set an away program that uses all door and motions sensors with the door you exit from having an entry and exit delay. A home program using just external door sensors activated instant but only sends a notification if triggered instead of sounding the siren. You can even get a notification when a door is left open, say for 5 mins, and this happens even when the alarm isn't set.

This kit is awesome for both homeowners and renters (no wires). It's easy to install, the sensors have long battery life and the keypad is easily removed for charging. I have a big home and I've located the base station in the middle of my home. All sensors have a good signal back to base and are responsive.

This is such a well-thought-out system. There is also support for eufy in Home Assistant so you can leverage the sensors and set the alarm states etc. Best of all it's easy for my family to use. If you've already got eufy cameras then this is a no-brainer and an easy add-on. For the rest of us, it's a great home alarm system.

eufy DIY Wireless Home Security Solution

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